CAT Tactical Inspection 2010 Print
CAT Tactical Inspection 2010The Division of Davao City (C.A.T. Tactical Inspection Team) conducted its Tactical Inspection last February 03, 2010 at Don Enrique Bustamante High School, headed by Mr. Jimmy Cerojales with Merinisa Repollo, Ronnie Quicoy, Arniel Real, Lydia Ampo and Mr. Emmanuel O. Calapan as the CAT Facilitator.The Scheduled tactical inspection started immediately when the tactical inspection team arrived at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. The battalion in mass formation marched to the grandstand for the battalion formation in preparation for the formal opening which began with the Philippine National Anthem. The officer center was carried out with the 8-count salute for the officers to be recognized after which Battalion Commander Andro Mancao gave the rifle drills in preparation for the troop in line headed by Ma'am Merinisa Repollo, Sir Ronnie Quicoy and Sir Emmanuel Calapan. Shortly after the trooping in line, the Parade and Review progressed abd subsequently the battalion commander welcomed the tactical inspection team. The CAT Facilitator turned over his unit to all the inspectors. All CAT officers and private cadets passed under the scrutiny of the inspecting team and after the individual inspection, following the announcement of Ma'am Repollo, a squad and a platoon positioned in preparation for problem solving.
Sir Ronnie Quicoy facilitated the giving of the different problems which was drawn out from a set of prepared questions by the team. The first to perform was the platoon handled by Cdt. Capt. Maquidato. The platoon leader carried out the commands with confidence. Four out of the five problem-solving questions were executed by the platoon with accurate and acceptable maneuvers. The Platoon could have performed correctly all the five problem-solving questions had the platoon leader heard the precise direction in the question given by the inspector.
The Squad handled by Cdt. Col. Mancao at the start had a slight difficulty in executing the first problem that required location which calls for the squad to be directed in particular position. They were able to sustain the succeeding questions with the proper executions which were appreciated by the audience as well as the inspectors.

After the completion of the problem-solving activity, Sir Quicoy gave the general feedback of the team on carrying out of routines of the battalion. It was observed that the CAT Unit had improved in terms of discipline, execution and performance. In general, the inspectors were satisfied with the performance and were appreciative of the tactical inspection results. The battalion was dismissed after at 4:30 in the afternoon.