Australian Foundation donates books to Talomo District Print

The Australian Foundation for Fostering Learning in the Philippines (AFFLIP) donated 3 pallets consisting 53 boxes of used but of high quality reading materials to the 15 schools of Talomo District, June 1, 2012.

Boxes of donated reading materials include Dictionaries, Atlases, Encyclopedia, Big Books, Teachings Aids, and Story Books for elementary pupils. There were also khaki shirts in some boxes as samples of the 3000 pieces to be included in the next shipment. The donated materials were warmly accepted by the school heads, teachers, pupils and PTA officials of the 15 schools.

A Deed of Donation signed by Peter Jeffrey Kirk , coordinator of South Pacific School Aid Inc., was sent to Talomo District  through Jose N. de Lara, Jr., district  supervisor and was accepted by Antonio Apat, Sr. President of the Principals Association. The Bureau of Customs through its Regional Collector helped in the processing of the requirements with the exemption of payments from brokers and other charges. Readmore. . .

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