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GMA7 LogoABS-CBN LogoIT'S over. We have seen the worst and the best and a glimpse into the future of how TV field reporting will emerge. We are well into the world of automation. GMA7 astonished us with fantastic digital hologram, while ABS-CBN showed us their amazing touch screen technology.
While we had a magma of computer glitches, which easily could have ignited upheaval, these were properly addressed. There were delays but then on the overall the computerized election was a marvelous start. In the case of our television coverage, I think we beat even the best in the western world.

So what have we absorbed from this elections? We have seen some of the bizarre contradictions in an electoral contest. Manny Villar was brought down to his knees under the weight of his heavy propaganda. How can one so wanting during his infancy and boyhood be spending so much in electoral campaign without assuring the electorate that his government will not indulge in profligacy? How could Villar trust the loyalty of traditional politicians who were his erstwhile adversaries? Having bought allegiance of fickle politicians he should not have expected that they will be with him all the way.
But I admire Villar. Having seen the futility of this expensive battle, he conceded defeat before it can do more harm to himself and the country.

Closer to home, we have seen how the world best pound-for-pound fighter Manny Pacquiao pummeled his opponent. With this victory, I join Mommy Dionisia in her prayer that his son quit boxing for good. Manny brought so much honor to our country it is about time he rests from boxing and serve his constituency, which he has been aspiring to do next.

It was the most exciting political conflict I have seen. The one between Karlo Nograles and Mabel S. Acosta. Mabel was running an uphill battle having started late in the race. At one point she caught up with the Speaker's son and even gained some ground. Karlo apparently made one last sprint and as of this writing is emerging to be the winner.

But the Speaker Prospero Nograles himself and his running mate were no match to the father and daughter tandem of Mayor Rody and Vice Mayor Inday Sara Duterte. Mylene Garcia and Sid Ungab trounced their respective opponents to become the next congressional representatives for the 2nd and 3rd districts of Davao City, respectively.

In Davao del Norte, it was a walk-in-the-park for Anthony del Rosario who gobbled up practically 80% of the votes cast. His father, Governor Dolfo del Rosario, and cousin Anton Lagdameo (2nd-District) have no opponents.

What bewildered me is the phenomenal avalanche of support that a convicted plunderer Joseph Estrada garnered from Davao. Pardon me for stressing the adjective, but in this electoral contest where the need for reforms and the deafening cry against corruption is thundering all over the nation, there are zillions who haven't heard. Probably, the decibel was so loud to the point that it cannot be heard.

It is nothing different from the wailing and the griping of Mindanaoans. We complain so loudly like deprived children why government is not giving us our just share in the budget. Look at the results of the senatorial elections. We are so enamored with movie stars who only visit Mindanao during election period. We vote them to the top and relegate those from Mindanao in the bottom of our list. Who will now speak for us in the senate? We deserve the kind of treatment and the isolation that we have been wailing of. We insulted ourselves and deserved the flagellation for we buried our Mindanao candidates in the abyss of defeat.

But then again, we might as well enjoy the hilarious show in the senate. Come to think of it, Sen. Nene Pimentel and Sen. Miguel Zubiri had been in the senate, but what perceptible help have they given to Mindanao? Gone are the days of Sens. Salipada K. Pendatun, Alejandro Almendras, Mamintal Tamano and VP Manning Pelaez.

By the way, we salute the teachers who braved the heat and rain and threats from elements who do not want to see democracy succeed. The Comelec clustered several precincts into just one polling place without adding manpower. This anomaly caused much of the delay. The same salute goes to our soldiers and policemen. After all the glitches and problems encountered, everybody is upbeat the next elections will be a lot more efficient.

Congratulations to the victorious and my sympathies to the vanquished. In this universe where there is constant struggle you win some and lose some.



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