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The     faculty   and   staff   of  the   Teodoro   Palma  Gil Elementary    School     (TPGES)     headed     by    the distinguished Principal, Marieta M. Gaer; the Supreme Pupil Government (SPG) under Jelijah Jimmu M. Lopoz; officials    and   representatives  of  the   Department  of Education; students, teachers and parents, other guests and friends, good afternoon to all of you.

Let  me  first  thank  the  Supreme  Pupil  Government headed by Jelijah Lopoz for the gracious invitation to keynote this very important activity. I also bring with me the warm greetings of the men and women of the Philippine National Police (PNP).

This was one invitation I readily accepted for the simple reason that it carries an advocacy closest to my heart which, as everyone knows, is the relentless campaign against illegal drugs. And I thank the Teodoro Palma Gil Elementary School Supreme Pupil Government for organizing this "Kabataan Kontra sa Droga" Symposium.

For a start, let me say that this symposium is one big step forward in our war on illegal drugs. It sends a meaningful message to everyone, especially to the drug lords,  pushers,  manufacturers  and  other  drug personalities - that the war on drugs is not solely the responsibility of the  police,  but everybody's responsibility.

As     our    topic    today    aptly    states,    "Kaeskwela, Kabarkada,    Kapamilya,   Kasama   Natin  sa   Laban Kontra    Droga.,    Kapag  ang  Iahat  ng  mga  ito  ay nagkasama-samang     lumaban  kontra  droga,  napaka­ powerful pong ating puwersa sa giyerang ito.

We have been fighting this menace for the longest time. And we are fortunate that at this point in our history, we have a President,  no less than  our very own
President  Rodrigo  Duterte,  who is  providing  what  we have been waiting for so long - a fearless, determined and firm leadership in realizing the goal of a drug-free Philippines.

To the SPG, to the students of this school and the youth of Davao City, if you are on the warpath against illegal drugs through this Symposium, let me assure you that your Philippine National Police is one hundred percent with you in this endeavor.

My wish as Chief PNP is for more schools and student organizations to follow suit and pursue the same activity. At lubes akong natutuwa na ang kabataan dito ay nagiging aktibo sa pagsulong ng adhikain nating lahat laban  sa droga  sa pamamagitan  ng  inyong Supreme Pupil Government.

Malaking tulong ito sa inyong mga alagad ng batas na patuloy na lumalaban sa problema ng iligal na droga. As you know by now, Oplan Tokhang is back in action, and our anti-illegal drugs operations are stronger than ever.

As Chief PNP, let me assure you that the relaunched Tokhang is now governed by a set of supplemental guidelines to ensure accountability, transparency and responsibility by operating units. We have a simplified list of Do's and Dont's to be observed by police units when conducting persuasive "Tokhang" house visits.

And as I have always said, Oplan Tokhang is meant to save and not to kill. You know that this is a "knock and plead"  operation  intended  to  help  those  involved  in drugs to come out and receive help and rehabilitation.

Apart from Tokhang, our anti-drug operations are also governed     by    supplemental    guidelines    essentially founded on the fundamental principles of respect for human rights and strict adherence to the rule of law, and also     with     greater     emphasis     on    transparency, accountability and command responsibility. With these, we are optimistic that there will now be less bloody anti­ drug operations.

I take this opportunity to tell you as well that your PNP continues to  harness  the  support  and  cooperation  of other concerned institutions in our war on drugs. Again, as we always say, we cannot do it alone. For one, the Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Councils or BADACs have been of great help to the national police force in the fight against illegal drugs.

These BADACs are the grassroots cutting edge of the national anti-drug campaign that seeks to liberate the country's 42,000 barangays from the clutches of this worldwide problem of drug abuse. And to accelerate efforts against the proliferation of illegal drugs in drug­ affected barangays, BADACs are deputized and empowered to implement strategic policies on drug prevention and control, given the political and police powers of the barangay to administer the affairs of the community.

Let me tell you, however, that being at the forefront in the  war  on  drugs,  I believe  that  our  campaign  will become even stronger with the help of the youth who are oftentimes the victims of the drug menace. I am certain that I am one with the PDEA, the BADACs and all other concerned agencies in welcoming the youth sector in this campaign. Activities like this will go a long way in empowenng our government's drug-free Philippines advocacy.

Sa ating mga kabataan, ang lahat ng pakikibaka ng inyong kapulisan laban sa droga ay para sa magandang kinabukasan ninyo. But I must say that we can only be truly  successful with  your  help  and  cooperation.  You don't have to bear  arms to fight this menace  at your level. From where you are, you can already do a lot to give your significant share in this campaign.

Ang lagi kong sinasabi sa mga kabataan, do not ever get involved in any way in illegal drugs. Kung yan lang ang kaya niyong gawin, malaking bagay na iyan para sa bansa. Do not even try drugs, even just for fun, because you will never know where it will bring you.

gawain na may kinalaman sa illegal drug trade, sabihin ninyo sa inyong kapulisan o sa mga kinauukulan. These people may still be saved.

By being highly alert and vigilant and having the confidence to go to the police to share information, you will be doing society a big favor. And if our countrymen will see that the youth sector is serious in this endeavor, they will be inspired to help and do their part as well. Huwag kayong matakot. If we are on the side of what is right for our country and people, we will prevail because the Lord will be on our side as well.

The PNP is very grateful for activities like this that strengthen the nation's campaign against the illegal drug trade.  And  we  are  even  more  appreciative  that  this activity  was  spearheaded  by  this  school's  Supreme Pupil Government.

Maraming salamat sa inyo! Mabuhay kayo!



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